Holger Klumpen



Corporate strategy and organizational development

Mobile radio, Fixed network, Data connection and Telecommunications system

Migration Groupware and File Server

New acquisition of PBX system


Creation and implementation

Shopware, WordPress and Typo3

Google Apps for Business and Office365

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Digitalization, poof, again. Yes, because it is the topic of our time. Related to it are topics like the DSGVO, Cloud and Social Media, even more Buzz Words;-). In all of this there is somehow the topic of communication. That has always been my hobbyhorse, especially the mobile one. After more than 10 years in sales at Vodafone Ltd., I founded our company in 2011. Today, I advise companies on both the strategic orientation and “this” digitization, implement the strategies that have been introduced and the solutions that have been acquired, and also implement processes operationally.