We develop complete solutions for the automation of your production plants and optimise the associated operating procedures within the framework of our management consultancy. For this purpose, we thoroughly examine the required manufacturing process and carry out a comprehensive analysis in order to guarantee both a short production cycle time and a production capacity tailored to your requirements. Then, together with our network of high-performance partners, we develop a solution optimized to your needs.

Case study: Automation of a Production line

Klumpen Gmbh-Analyse

Step 1: Analysis of your product and the previous production process

In order to completely record the production steps required to manufacture your product, the previous manufacturing process is first evaluated. The focus here is on the individual production steps and the transitions between individual activities in your company in order to identify optimization potential and benefit from the outset.

Step 2: Design and implementation of automation functions

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we design a solution tailored to your needs. Together with you, we create specifications and Key Process Indicators, which can be used to qualitatively determine the performance of the production line. The planning of your assembly line ranges from the selection and procurement of the required machines to the installation and commissioning of the required software solutions to the coordination of individual subsystems to form a functioning overall system. In addition to efficiency, the quality assurance of your production is particularly important.

Klumpen GmbH-Produktionssteuerung
Klumpen GmbH-Produktionsoptimierung

Step 3: Commissioning of the production line

In the final step, we put the production line into operation and check the degree of target achievement of the automation solution on the basis of the previously defined production figures. Training your employees to use the new system is also part of our services.