Factory Planning

In order to remain competitive in the face of constantly increasing globalisation, market turbulence and rising cost pressure, industrial companies are always forced to permanently and innovatively adapt their production facilities. As part of our management consulting services, we optimize production sites to create fast-reacting factories that are capable of transformation and networking. We offer project management from strategy, structural and system planning to execution planning and commissioning. Depending on customer requirements, MicroStation, Revit, Inventor and Allplan are used.

Case study: Extension planning of your production

Klumpen Gmbh-Analyse

1. Analysis of your requirements

In order to better understand your company’s requirements for the production site and to identify optimization needs, we take a close look at your company’s value-added process. The focus is on the individual production steps as well as the transitions between individual activities of your company. We also consider aspects such as sustainability, demographic change and environmental certification.

2. Design of the Production facilities

On the basis of the results of the analysis phase, site planning begins, whereby great attention is already paid to a synergetic interaction of process and spatial planning. With the help of simulation technology, we optimize the production logistics concept and the throughput time of your products already in the planning phase. On the one hand we reduce the production cycle times and on the other hand we optimally adapt your production capacities to the possibilities of your company. In addition to efficiency, the focus is on energy-efficient and flexible factory planning.

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Klumpen GmbH-Produktionsoptimierung

Step 3: Start-up and optimization of production processes

In the last step, we take over the implementation planning and accompany the commissioning. The efficiency of the implementation is verified on the basis of previously drawn up specifications and clearly defined production key figures (Key Process Indicator).