Nowadays a tidy appearance in the net is a must. The same care must be taken as with the original company location. By no means should the website of a company simply reflect the location. On the contrary, you should make yourself aware in advance of what you want to achieve with your website. It is a form of communication and representation of the company to customers, employees and suppliers.

Case study: Relaunch of a Homepage

Step 1: Your requirements

Setting up a website or carrying out a relaunch can have several reasons. Often, various stakeholders make different demands on this new website. Here we come into play and bring clarity and structure into this process. So that in the end everyone is satisfied with the result.

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Bier-Deluxe Startseite

Step 2: Structural Structure and Functionalities

In consultation with you, we then define both the structural structure and the necessary functionalities from the requirements. Together with you, we select a modern technical framework and develop an attractive design.

Step 3: Installation and operation

We set up your Internet appearance fully and operate it also gladly for you. However, there are no limits to your individual wishes regarding hosting and operation. We also ensure that your employees will be able to administer your website independently in the future. And we provide your technology with the necessary tools to operate the website.

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